Improving the lives of stray and feral cats through trap/neuter/return

Jessamine County Trap Neuter Return is a volunteer-based program that helps to promote the health of communities and feral cat populations in several ways. 1) Spay/neutering of feral/stray cats; 2) At the time of altering, the cats receive rabies shots; 3) when possible, rehoming of kittens in the colonies. Colonies with intact males and females have issues with 1) over-population, 2) fighting cats 3) illness 4) roaming. Once a colony’s members are no longer making kittens, the colony stabilizes and the numbers remain for the most part consistent. 

Right now we are facing an urgent need to support the farmers in our county! In rural areas, colonies often form on farms when unwanted intact pet cats are abandoned on properties. In a year, a pair of breeding cats can easily birth 10 kittens who then breed and have more kittens. It is not hard to see how the numbers quickly escalate.But even at $25 per cat (what it costs JCTNR) the price can quickly overwhelm a farmer who may have more than 30 cats on the property. November 9, 2016, we were very successful! Because people like you donated, the costs were met and 32 kitties were "fixed", given immunizations and rabies!. And the mission goes on! April 2017 we will be targeting more than 30 cats near a trailer park in Nicholasville. Many of these community cats have been abandoned here and their care-givers struggle just to feed them. Will you help these cats and their care-givers? Will you sponsor just one cat? Please click on our "donate" button below and make a difference in your community.

So far in 2017 we have helped 111 cats and their care-givers.



What is Trap, Neuter & Return?

Trap, neuter and return, referred to as TNR, is a national program in which feral cats are trapped using safe and humane traps, taken to a veterinarian to be spayed or neutered, vaccinated and then returned to their colonies. Kittens and tame cats are adopted into homes when possible.

As little as $25 can spay/neuter, rabies vaccinate and eartip a feral or free-roaming cat.
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