About Us

Our Mission:
We are dedicated to protecting and improving the lives of Jessamine County's feral and free-roaming cat population and their care-givers through Trap, Neuter and Return (TNR).

Who we are:
We are an all-volunteer run non-profit organization. Our program is funded through donations from our supporters. We are not part Jessamine County Animal Care and Control and do not receive funds from your tax dollars. We do communicate closely and cooperatively with Jessamine County Animal Shelter to meet the needs of community cats throughout Jessamine County.

What is involved in the TNR process?
The practice of removing colonies of feral cats are by extermination is both inhumane and ineffective since more cats will inhabit the vacated area. Then the breeding process starts over again. TNR programs stabilize and maintain healthy colonies so that in time, the colony size shrinks because there is no more breeding.

What to expect from TNR
Once a month, volunteers set out humane traps near scheduled community cat colonies several days before the date of a round-up, allowing the cats to get used to the traps for an easier capture. Caregivers are provided helpful information to make the trapping process easier.
1) If provided traps ahead, they should start feeding the cats in the traps (that are locked open).
2) The day before trapping food (but not water) should be withheld so cats will be hungry.
3) Be available at the time the volunteers come to trap the cats.

Once trapped, the cats are then transported tothe TNR clinic for surgery. During their stay at the clinic, each cat receives:
~Spay or Neuter
~ Rabies shot
~FVRCP vaccination
~Short medical exam and other intervention as needed
~Treatment for fleas and parasites
~Has the left ear tipped for future identification to let people know that he or she has been spayed or neutered.

After the surgery the cats' recovery is monitored until they are returned to their homes. This is often the only time these cats will ever be touched by human hands.

We also work with the Jessamine County Animal Shelter to conduct a lo cost spay/neuter event three times a year for people's pets. For more information, contact JCAS at 859-881-0821